Tuesday, August 10, 2010

True Confession Tuesday

True Confessions

This is going to be short for a couple of reasons.  1) I've actually been pretty good this week, but my daily weigh-ins aren't showing it and it has me really pissed off, and 2) because of said pissedoffness, I don't want this to turn into a giant bitch session.  Here are my confessions:
  • My twins turned 13 this weekend and we had 2 parties (the friend party and the family party)
    • At the friend party
      • I had pizza.  But I only had 1 piece (I would normally eat 2).
      • I had ice cream.  But it was a small hot fudge sundae with spanish peanuts instead of some giant flurry thing AND we biked 8 miles round trip to get to the ice cream shoppe.
      • The next morning I ran 5 miles.
    • At the family party
      • I really only ate the one meal that day cuz I wasn't hungry for dinner
      • I had a hamburger on the grill, but used lite mayo and no cheese
      • I had a brownie and ice cream
      • I didn't eat any chips
  • The brownies are finally gone.  Of an entire 9x13 pan, I had 2, maybe 3 brownies total.
  • I was starving last night while waiting for K to get done with gymnastics, but instead of raiding the vending machine, I drank water and bitched about it over twitter.  For dinner, the rest of the family had hamburgers and I had a Boca.  I did eat some of the Ore-Ida fries we baked in the oven but also had a big salad.  It just sucked because all this food was at 8:30 at night.  Only a couple more weeks of this stupid summer gymnastics schedule where practice is right at dinner time (5:30-7:30 at night).
  • I've been drinking tons of water, but it doesn't seem to be doing me much good on the scale.
That's it.  I hope you all are feeling better about your choices and are actually thinking you'll see some positive (or negative as it may be) changes in the scale tomorrow.


  1. Hang in there. It will pay off. Sometimes it just takes a little longer when you've been being good for the payoff to show.

  2. Keep up the good work, the results will start to show in the end. The closer you get to the goal sometimes the slower the going gets, but it will all pay off in the end. Besides that you are making good choices that lead to good habits and that is a benefit that you don't see on the scale.

  3. i'd go crazy if i weighed myself daily! just keep pushing through. its bound to give sooner or later. (hopefully sooner so you don't become discouraged)

  4. your body might be in starvation mode w/your dip in food intake this week. therefore its hording everything you give it instead of using it right away. keep up w/the water & it will totally pay off. I think you RAWKED THE PARTIES!!!!!

  5. Happy Birthday to your Twins! August is a great month for a Birthday :)

    You made some wonderful choices, don't be to hard on yourself.

  6. I hate it when the scale doesn't reflect hard work! But at least you know it's right around the corner...I'm thinking good thoughts for you tomorrow! Good job with the party food!! And hey, if you need to bitch - do it!

  7. You are doing a great job. Congratulations on having two teenagers in the house. The time goes so fast. My twins were 27 in May. One of them has three kids of her own.

  8. I think you are doing great! My body still seems to be in vacation mode and it does not help that I don't exercise well in heat!

    Thanks for visiting my blog! My twins are a ton of fun, and a great late in life gift! We did have a lot in common with the twin journey! I look forward to getting to know you better!


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