Tuesday, August 31, 2010

True Confession Tuesday: Post Buckeye Hooker Retreat Edition

This is going to be a very short post with no frills.  (Sorry if you like frills.)  Today was my first day back at school (the kids all start back after Labor Day) and I'm home for a few minutes before heading back to school for our open house.  Nothing like starting off with a 12 freaking hour day bang, I say!

My confessions:
  • I've been nearly stellar with the 1/2 training.  I haven't missed any workouts and ran 2 of the fastest runs in my life this week: a 10:29 paced 6 miler and a 10:52 paced 4.6 miler! 
  • I've been really pretty good (how's that for too many adjectives) eating this week in an effort to combat the Disney Diet. 
  • I spent last weekend with two of my favorite bloggy friends EVER, Mendie and Brooke!  We got to chat and run and shop.  But we also got to eat and drink and drink a little more.  Nothing crazy, but there was that trip to 5 Guys and all those beers we sampled (that we split 3 ways).  It was incredible to meet them (and listen to their super-cute accents!).  I've considered them friends for a long time now, but it makes it even better to have met them IRL.
Ok, that's it for now.  Gotta get a snack and get myself all gussied up for Open House.  Summer is definitely back in full force this week (I think it's over 90 degrees right now) and I'm not looking forward to sweating all over the school tonight, but there you have it :)  I should be home in time to eat dinner and then join in the tworkout, which will have to count as my strength-training today, so Shrinkingjeans better make it good!


  1. Yeah, ya'll think I have an accent too, but ya'll'd be crazy to think that.

  2. My post was short and sweet too. I'm so happy you got to meet Brooke and Mendie. See you at the tworkout!

  3. Nancy-when am I going to meet you????? You live something like 2 hrs from me!

  4. What does my accent sound like?? I wondered if you thought I had one!

    hehehe....it was a great time and I'm soo happy we did it. Ready for the next one!!!


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