Friday, December 17, 2010

Help Me Rename My Blog!

Hi all!

As a Christmas gift to myself (in line with the health and fitness I've gained this year) I've decided to rename this blog for the New Year.  Below is a poll of several possible new names for this blog (I tried putting a poll in the sidebar but it was an epic fail - sorry this isn't anonymous, but I love you guys anyway, no matter how you vote). 
  • lighthouserunner
  • runningmademeloseit
  • fromshrinktoshrank
  • livelaughrunbreathe
  • diaryofahealthychick
I don't anticipate changing the format or my ramblings much (unless there is a topic you'd like to see my write about!) but I feel that since I'm really not "shrinking" anymore, my name should reflect where I am now in this journey.  I plan on keeping the "poll" up until at least Christmas, and possibly New Years, and I value your opinions, so vote-vote-vote.  If you think of a different name, please include it in the comments!  Write-in votes are encouraged!  Also, thank you to all of you who submitted ideas.  I had a hard time narrowing the choices down :) 

ps-Since the sidebar poll didn't work, just write your vote in the comments!
Thanks friends!



  1. Ooooh, I don't know which one to choose!

  2. I like diary of a healthy chick but not sure if you were looking for a revamp of a different name. I really *love*, like big puffy heart love, livelaughrunbreathe - but that's the runner in me. I have no genious ideas for you, but before I vote, a question for you. Do you see yourself continuing to be a runner? 'Cuz I'd hate for you to change to say triathlons (humor me, k?) and then be stuck with a "running blog".

  3. @imadramamama - just pick one!

    @Kirsten - I continue to see myself as a runner. Even if I start doing triathlons (I'm humoring you here), running would still be involved.

    I'm just hoping the poll thing actually works since I really had no idea what I was doing. If the clicky think sucks, just leave your vote in the comments. K?

  4. I really like livelaughrunbreathe, but as a write in vote, I also like shrinkshrankshrunk. Whatever you change it to, it will be awesome, just like you.

  5. I say livelaughrunbreathe or fromshrinktoshrank!! ;p

  6. My favorites are lighthouserunner (I love all the lighthouses in Michigan!) and fromshrinktoshrank. I think either of those would be awesome!

  7. My favorite is "livelaughrunbreathe" :)

  8. i didn't make the light house connection so my favorite is livelaughrunbreathe

  9. I think livelaughrunbreathe is awesome!!! Me and the bean vote for that one!

  10. I love RunningMadeMeLoseIt


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