Tuesday, December 7, 2010

True Confessions: I confess that I'd love your vote!

First off, it is True Confession Tuesday over at Shrinkingjeans, so that means I need to fess up about my week thus far.
  • My workouts have been very limited.  I'm trying very hard to heed my own advice and listen to my body.  I was given the ok to run again this past weekend, and I ran a very slow, painful 3 miles.  I finished wanting to cry because a) it hurt, and b) I feel like I'm losing all my momentum.
  • We were supposed to try something new this week as our non-weightloss challenge.  My run was in sub-freezing temps on snow and ice.  December in Michigan, baby.  I've never done that before.
  • Running is probably not going to get better for awhile, but I've done nothing else either.  I will do some strength and core tonight.  I have a membership to a gym, but have not gotten there because I'm driving kids all over creation or going to diving and gymnastics meets.  When we finally do get home, I just want to curl up on the couch.  I did manage to spend 2 hours Saturday night helping set up my daughter's gymnastics center for their meet.  Do you have any idea how heavy gymnastics equipment is?  That is totally going towards my minutes total this week!
  • My eating has been OK, but with our schedules lately, coming up with a healthy, home-cooked meal has just been hit or miss.  Hubs was off on Friday (he works 4 10's so he's always home then).  I was so mad that he didn't plan anything for dinner (and completely overlooked that fact that he'd cleaned the kitchen and vacuumed the living room) that we ended up having Sonic for dinner.  My daughter has an away meet tonight, so we will probably be hitting fast food on the way home again.
Shrinkingjeans wants us to outline how we will stay on track this holiday season.  Right now, I just want to focus on healing so I can really workout again.  Perhaps I need to start logging my food as well.

The last little thing I'd like to discuss is a plea for your vote.  I am one of 5 women who vlogged a holiday tradition and posted a recipe over at shrinkingjeans.  We would all love if you'd take a look at our posts and vote for your favorite.  There are some pretty sweet prizes, and the grand-prize crockpot would probably help a TON in the whole meal planning with kids in a bazillion activities problem I have :)  Obviously, I'd love it if you voted for me, but really, all of my "competitors" are amazing ladies that I consider friends, so a vote for one of them would be a-ok, too :)  You can find my post here and the voting is available here (you need to scroll down the page a bit).  Voting is only open for a few more hours, so hurry over there and check it out!

Thanks.  And please, leave me a comment telling me to get off my arse and find something athletic to do. M'kay? 


  1. It seems like almost everybody had a difficult, frustrating week. I guess the good thing is that it's behind us now and we can start fresh. Hope you're feeling better very soon and can get back into your normal exercise regime. Nowhere to go but up from here, right? And good luck on that crockpot. It probably would help a ton!

  2. Get up off your arse and go exercise!!! :)

  3. remember that triathlon you teased us with? yeah swimming would be perfect for your body right now. ijs.

  4. Congrats on winning the grand prize!!!

  5. We are all allowed an off day : ) I need to lose 30 pounds and am just having trouble getting started especially with the holidays being here!


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