Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Holiday Hoedown Week 3

Today is really not a good day for me, for reasons completely unrelated to weight loss and fitness.  I should blog about it but I don't want to.  Forgive my lame attempt at a post.

Weight on June 23, 2009: 165.8

Challenge Starting Weight: 136.6
Last Week's Weight: 137.4
This Week's Weight: 137.0
Change: down .4
Challenge Change: up .4
Total Pounds Gone: 28.8

Workout minutes: 194
Getting in my water: great during the week but suck on the weekend
Try something new: Does running outside on ice and snow in December in Michigan when you are still injured count?  Yes?  Then check.

I'll be back in the groove tomorrow.

PS: Thank you to everyone who voted for me in ShrinkingJeans vlogging contest.  I'm going to rock that pimped out crockpot.  MWAH.


  1. ((hugs)) Hope that the off day is just an off day.

    yes, there is always tomorrow or this afternoon. Don't let the horse win!

  2. ((((((((((((((bari))))))))))))) love you lady. call me if you need to.

    and you're a brave mo fo for running in the ice and snow! you rawk!!

  3. Well by the time I'm reading this, today is almost over. You made it. Lots of hugs!!!!

  4. Congrats on winning the vlogging contest....hugs coming your way to help you get through the rest of the tough day.

  5. Thinking of you all day today... Glad you made it to the end. Great job this week and congrats on your sweet crockpot! (((HUGS)))

  6. go bari go! running on ice? is that even possible? you're a superhero!

  7. Enjoy your crockpot and make some new healthy recipes to help you in your new healthy lifestyle!! Take care of yourself!!


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