Tuesday, April 19, 2011

True Confessions: I'm drowning

  • I want to scream and cry, but I can't because I have to be professional and be the one that has all the answers.
  • I have been sick for 2 weeks and have now missed 2 long runs.  I'm seriously freaking out about my ability to run, not just the 10 miles on my schedule for this weekend, but the 14 the week after that and then the 15.5 on May 14. 
  • I still feel like shit but I'm at work.
  • I missed a meeting this morning because I completely forgot about it.  I never even put it on my calendar.  This is so not like me it scares me.
  • I have a meeting tomorrow with a parent who speaks primarily Spanish, but also speaks English.  She conversed fine with me over the phone 3 weeks ago when we scheduled this meeting and again this morning when I called to reminder her.  2 hours later, she called the school asking for an interpreter for the meeting.  It is highly unlikely I'll get an interpreter with 1 day notice.  I'm screwed.
  • I ate an entire bag of pretzel M&Ms in 2 days.  That's 7 servings for a total of around 1200 calories. In 2 days.
  • Our home computer had the blue screen of death again this morning.  It recovered, but I have not.
  • I ate a cookie at lunch today, not because I needed it but because it was pretty and had pink sprinkles. I don't even like sugar cookies.
  • The day has just gone from bad to worse to let me crawl under my desk and never come out.


  1. Rough week. Sorry. :(

    Is there someone at your school that could sit in on the meeting - someone who is a little more fluent in Spanish than you are? If there are any forms she has to have, do you have them translated? (I only ask because my husband did this when he was teaching middle school. His job has changed, or else he'd still be doing it.)

    Thinking healthy thoughts for you that you're 100% recovered by this weekend and can get some awesome running in!!

  2. ((hugs)) girl. I'm pretty sure I'm on board for claiming that April can suck it. Not the awesome April but the month of April...just to clarify.

  3. Wish there was something I could say :( Take care of yourself as best you can. Hope you're feeling better (physically and in spirit) very soon!

  4. awe! tough month for you :(

    good luck & I will be thinking of you for your meeting!

  5. i'm sorry :( was the sugar cookie at least good?

  6. Hate days/weeks like that....hope you feel better soon. Take care of numero UNO! I'm sure as soon as you feel like yourself everything will fall into place as it should!

  7. I just got over a cold and as a result missed several weeks of our training. Especially when you feel sick, it makes all of the problems feel even more overwhelming. Hope you're able to tlc you soon!

  8. I'm sorry you are having a rough time. Love ya girl.

    P.S. I feel like I am drowning too.

  9. This has been an awful spring. Ive been battling allergies and sinus issues! I think on top of the craptastic weather, lack of sun, and so on we are all a little on edge. I hope you feel better soon. Just do like your title BREATHE and take it in stride, one day at a time!

  10. I'm so sorry it's rough right now. The good news is that it has to get better. ((hugs))


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