Tuesday, April 26, 2011

True Confession Tuesday

In my last confession, I wrote about how I felt like I was drowning.  Things have definitely started to look up, but I think until I get to June 10, my life is going to continue to feel crazy and out of control.  Because I'm getting a very brief moment to write, I'm going with bullet points.  Don't judge.
  • I managed to finish a 10 mile race on Saturday, even though I hadn't run more than 6 miles in over 2 weeks.  I'm sore, but I survived. And I didn't come in last.
  • I'm working with my sports chiro on my breathing issues.  I saw him at lunch today and he said my psoas muscles (deep in the hips) are extremely tight, locking up my lumbar spine, and torquing on my diaphragm.  This is why I can't seem to get a deep belly breath - my diaphragm is being tethered in place.  So, I now have MORE stretches and exercises to do, but if it helps me be able to breathe, I'll do them.  In the meantime, the feeling like I'm suffocating is very scary.
  • Somehow, I managed to get to my lowest weight EVER this past weekend.  132.6!  I don't think I've been this small since about 7th grade.  However, Easter dinner and Easter candy have managed to add 2 pounds since Sunday.  Oh well.  Shit happens.  It was good while it lasted.
  • This weekend, I get to go visit Roo!!!!!  I'm reworking my long run day so that I don't have to sit in the car for 3 hours, attempting to drive, after running 14 miles.  Yes, my longest run ever.  I'm hoping to get it done Friday after school instead.  It might make for a late run, but I'll get it done.  How does one fuel for a 2.5+ hr run you are attempting to do in the afternoon?
  • I think most of the plague has left my house, but I'm still coughing some.  At this point, I think it's mostly allergies making me nuts.
  • My girl is doing better, too.  She ran the 70 meter dash yesterday and won her heat.  (Granted, she should have been paired with faster girls.)  She was also given the job of measuring for long jump, which she said about killed her because she wanted to be jumping so bad and knew she would have won if she'd been allowed to jump.  Her exercises and gym workouts went well last night, so she is now on the schedule to jump in Wednesday's meet.  The girl is nothing if not driven. Pray for good landings.
Okey-dokey, back to work I go.   I hope your transgressions were minimal!


  1. *\o/* on the 10 miler!

    and *jealous* about you getting to hang out with Roo (and her getting to hang out with you)

  2. I want to know about these breathing stretches. I just got thrown an inhaler and was told I have exercise induced asthma. Er....I mean, I might, but it'd be nice to try other things. I don't like using that inhaler. :(

  3. Oh, those stretches sound wonderful! The rest of it? Good job on the race and all!


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