Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Your Way - A New Shrinking Jeans Challenge

Woo-hoo!  It's MAY!  Holy Cow - that means summer is just around the corner, we only have about 5 weeks of school left, Fitbloggin is in less than 3 weeks, and "Marathon May" is upon me.  All of this just in time for the newest challenge at the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans

May Your Way Challenge

This challenge is simple.  As the loverlies over at Shrinking Jeans tell us, "it’s all about YOU. Your goals, your challenge, your way. You can take things at your own pace, decide what is best for you, and focus on yourself!"  Easy-peasy!  Since I'm not really in weight-loss mode, but more weight-maintanence mode, this challenge is perfect. 

I have one simple goal for May:  Get through "Marathon May" without any injuries.  You see, I have 3 races planned this month.  THREE.  And I'd like to complete them all.

Race #1: The 5/3 River Bank Run 25k on May 14.  This past weekend I ran my longest run EVER - 14 miles.  Next weekend I taper to 8 and then it's go-time.  My longest race.  I have no doubt I will finish, the condition I'll be in at the finish line is still up for debate.

Race #2: The Fitbloggin 5k on May 20.  I finally get to run with many of the amazing ladies I've "met" through Shrinking Jeans.  Yes, you can be jealous, or you can click that link and join us!  And yes, I'll make sure to give them all hugs from you. Can.Not.Wait. (I think I'm the most excited for this race!)

Race #3: The Soldier Field 10 Mile on May 28.  The hubby is running this one with me - a huge milestone for him (he's never "raced" more than 5 miles and his longest run to date has been 8).  While I'd love to beat him (secret goal #2 for May), it really isn't realistic.   He's much faster than me and after running 2 races the 2 weekends before, I'm just hoping to finish.

So, if you are doing the math, that totals 28.6 miles of racing in 3 weeks.  Plus any training runs thrown in.  May has the potential to hold the greatest number of miles I've ever run in a single month.  Hense, the goal to just STAY HEALTHY AND INJURY-FREE.

Of course, eating right, re-starting the 100 push-up challenge (with the goal of completing them military-style) and trying to stay sane in the final push of the school year are going to be in the back of my mind, too.

So, if you haven't signed up for this challenge, you must go here now.  Go on.  I'll wait.

Get to blogging about your goals and link up with Shrinking Jeans.  Make sure you are also a member of the 'Hood and check in with us on Monday nights at 8 Central for SisterChat.  Don't forget about the #Tworkout on Tuesday nights at 8 Central where April leads us through a kick-butt workout via twitter.  If you are able to stay away long enough, join Mel on Thursday nights at 10 Central on twitter for Happy Hour.  (Since that's 11pm for me, you probably won't see me there.)  That's definitely a lot going on this month.  So, better get busy!


  1. you've got a lot going this month! can you just get a few steps ahead of him on the 10 miler. for me? please?

  2. YOU ARE AMAZING! Seriously. I cannot wait to hug your skinny ass in Baltimore, girlie :)

    May is going to have both of us saying MAY DAY MAY DAY :)'


  3. I'm so jealous of the Soldier Field 10 mile race. That will have to be added to my list of "must do" races.

    You're going to do great.

  4. You are gonna have an AWESOME May! Can't wait to hear all about your races! Yes, PLEASE give everyone hugs for me!!

  5. WOOOOOOOT! Can't wait to see you and you are going to do awesome!

  6. You are going to tear this month UP! You are going to rock those races. I know it.

    And less than THREE WEEKS!!! WOOHOO!!!


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