Monday, May 9, 2011

LLRB 365: 2011 Week 18

Hello friends!  Last week I asked what colors you would like to see for the Month of May and I had votes for yellow, purple and green!  I love all those colors, but since this month is Fitbloggin month (in ohmygawd only 10 days!!!!) I'm going to go with GREEN :)  Thanks for the votes!

Also, I think since I never get this post done until after the weekend, I'm going to start making the weeks go Monday thru Sunday.  So, ya'll get a couple bonus days this week!

Went out for a wine tasting dinner with a bunch of friends.

Grand Rapids is getting ready for the 5/3 Riverbank Run!  This is the starting line :)

Caught a show by one of our favorites: Bowling For Soup!

A small part of my lunch - I love these.

K is getting back into the swing of things at track.  Still taking 1st, but not quite jumping her best yet.

How about a little video of my girl?

Got a couple of samples of Uncle Sam cereal to try out from Attune Foods!
Can you tell how much Squirt loves when we get packages?
Stay tuned, there will be a post and a giveaway (but probably after Fitbloggin).

Jazz Cafe night.  We watched all 4 of Grandville's jazz bands - D's 8th grade band really brought it!

gotta showcase the boy, too :)

My last long run before Riverbank was today!  Did 8 great miles in 1:26-ish.  The hubby even ran with me - his farthest, hilliest run ever.  After the run, we picked up a sign for our yard :)

Happy Mother's Day!
Beautiful day with my family.

We were also treated to a performance at our church by the youth handbell choir.  K accompanied on her flute - her first public performance outside of band!  This Mom was very proud of her amazing kids today.

I hope all of you had a glorious week.  If you are a mom, mom-to-be, awesome auntie, grandma, etc, etc, I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day.


  1. Thanks for sharing the videos! I saw them posted through Twitter over teh weekend, but our weekend was packed with friends and fun, so i didn't get a chance to watch them before now.

  2. Great pictures. Loved the videos. I love the pix of your shirt and the strawberries. I must be hungry.

  3. You are one super talented family!!


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