Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wednesday Check-in: May Your Way

So, we are only 3 days into the newest challenge over at Shrinking Jeans, but since it's Wednesday, we need to check in.  My only tangible goal is to complete my 3 races this month injury free.  My first race is in *gasp* 10 days!  OMG is that right?  Actually, I think it's more like 11.  I ran one of the best 4.25 miles of my life last night (totally electronics-free) and I ran 14 miles last weekend.  So far so good!  My last long run will be 8 miles this weekend, and the hubby is planning to run with me (since he needs to be training for race #3). 

I haven't re-started the 100 push-up challenge, but I plan to get on that.  Kick me in the butt if I don't.  M'Kay?  Our Sister Says goal for the week is 64 oz of water a day.  This will be easy since I get more than that most days.

Also, I am a "non-loser" for this challenge since I have been at goal weight for a while now, but to keep myself honest, I will report my weight today.  I am at 134.8.  This is actually up from my weight Easter morning when I was shocked to see 132.6 on the scale (I think I was dehydrated from the 10 mile race the day before).  The last time I posted my weight here was Feb 23rd and I was at 137.8.  I'd definitely call this a maintenance win.  In all honesty, I never thought I would see a number below 135, so I'm thrilled with where I am right now.  OK-that's enough about the numbers and you won't hear about them again for probably another 3 months or so :)

I hope everyone else is having a great Wednesday.  Have you joined the challenge yet?


  1. My hat is off to you for running "nekkid". I need the distraction of the music to keep going. Otherwise all I think about is how much longer do I have to go.

  2. okay so when aer you going to start the pushups again? *crosses arms and stares at bari* and none of this "i'll get to it" crap.

    *has butt kicking shoes on standby

  3. I can do 100 push-ups. Wait... do you mean all at one time?

  4. 100 is a lot of push ups! Okay, I think 4 is a lot...
    your weight sounds good to me!

  5. So when do I get to kick your butt if you don't restart them? Wasn't there something about you and April starting a week ago Monday?

    You're going to rawk that 25K in 10 days. Seriously. Holy hills and all.

    Now go get working on your pushups!

  6. You've got this. And look at your and your mad racing skillz. You're my hero.

  7. You are amazing! 3 races in 1 month and none of them are short ones! You rock! Have you done your push-ups yet??

  8. I love that you are rocking maintenance. And I cannot WAIT to see your race reports for this month. You are one busy runner!!


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