Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring In 2 Action Week 5: Buff Brazen Bunnies

Can you believe we are at Week 5 on Shrinking Jeans' latest challenge?  My fellow bunny, Kirsten, and I have been busy cranking out those push-ups for the 100 Push-Up challenge.  I wish I would have taken some arm measurements or something at the beginning because I don't see much of a difference, but the push-up count is rising, so I must be doing something right. 

Hopefully, it is becoming spring-like where you live.  Here in SW Lower Michigan, we have rain, rain, and more rain.  We also have the plague in my house this week, which is exactly how I wanted to be spending spring break.  Catch the sarcasm there?

Anyhoo, it is check-in day, so here we go...

  1. Run 2-3 days per week as outlined in my 25k training plan. Check!  Even with the plague descending on my house, I did get 3 runs in the week.  On Thursday, I ran my first-ever (outdoor) sub-30 minute 5K!!!!  Then Saturday I did my 12 mile training run as I was just beginning to get sick and it sucked royally, but I finished it.  Today I did a short, 2 mile TM run just to shake out the legs.  I've had 2 doctors now tell me to bag my 13 mile run this week and focus on banishing the crud from my body, so no long run this weekend for me.
  2. 100 Push-ups Challenge 3x per week. I finished week 5 with a total of 175 push-ups.  Holy Moly!  Yesterday I took my test and hit a max of 53.  How in one more week I'm supposed to get to 100 is totally beyond me.
  3. Add 2 (or 3) Nike Training Club app strength workouts per week. Uh, FAIL.  I did take a 15 minute core class at the Y this morning - we used the Bosu for the whole class and my abs were crying.
  4. Really work on getting enough water. This continues to go well.  Being home this week for spring break and remembering to drink is a bit more of a challenge, but my Sahara-dry mouth from not being able to breathe through my nose is a good reminder to fill up my glass.
So, some good, some not so good, but all-in-all a decent week.  Now if I can just shake this sinus infection so I can enjoy my anniversary this weekend, I'll be golden!  We are heading to The D to go to a Red Wings game with 2 other couples.  A totally grown-up weekend!  SQUEEE!

Now it's your turn, get blogging and link up with Shrinking Jeans.  Let us all know how your week went!


  1. Glad you're taking it easy and letting your body heal. You and me are total NTC failures. But at least we're failing together!

  2. i'm sure that the CIA could use the bosu as a registered torture device! looks like you had a good week - minus the plague of course.

  3. Great job! Especially those rotten pushups. Rotten things.
    SW lower michigain? Far from Notre Dame? My friend wants me to visit there soon with her~

  4. You are doing great with the proud of you. i hate them. hate.them.

    Enjoy your anniversary weekend without the kiddos!


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