Tuesday, April 5, 2011

True Confessions

GAH, what a difference a week makes.  I'm sick, my daughter is sick, the house is full of the plague.  Because I'm sick, my workouts have really suffered.  I managed to run my 12 mile training run on Saturday, but really slogged through the whole thing and felt like crying about 50,000 times (quitting wasn't an option - I was in the middle of nowhere and hubs couldn't have gotten a car to me anyway).  I ended up with my hip out of wack because of said slogging.  My doctor (chiro-sports guy) has told me to bag my 13 miler for this week and try to kick this stupid virus (the hip is totally fine now, thanks to his miracle hands).  I've got another 13 miler on deck for next week, so I should still be on track for my 25k.

So, here I sit.  I did my push-up test today (a disappointing number, but I did it anyway).  I'm stretching, foam rolling, and trying to drink tons of water.  If my girl and I feel better by Thursday, we are going to try to run at the HS track together.  She is dying to try out her new sprint spikes and I want to try a speed workout on the track vs treadmill.

This coming weekend is my anniversary (16 years - dang!) and hubs and I are going to a Detroit Red Wings game with 2 other couples.  I'm sure there will be plenty of food and drink porn to confess next week at this time.


  1. no being disappointed in pushing through the sickies!!

    a word about track speedwork - if you haven't done it yet don't be disappointed if its slower than your normal pace.

  2. First off- regardless you need to let yourself be sick... If you dont let yourself heal it is going to take you twice as long to recover!!! Secondly- you cant discount yourself for not having 100% work outs when your sick! I can only say this because Im the pot calling the kettle black! lol Let yourself get better!

  3. Happy Anniversary!!!

    You're body will "Thank You" for the rest...I promise you there is plenty of time to get in those long runs before the race :)

  4. I hope you feel better soon. The creeping crud is everywhere. Way to push yourself even feeling yucky!
    And Congrats on the Anniversary! Whoo hoo!!

  5. Hope your fam is finally feeling better and that your anniversary is awesome. Hopefully you can get in a little coloring, ha! :)


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