Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Burst In To Summer - 7/27 Checking

Blogging to you from Nevada! Kirsten & I are watching her middle girl's swim practice :-)

Today is Wednesday so it's check-in day for Shrinking Jeans. This week we were supposed to abstain from pop. Epic fail for me. I've had at least one Diet Coke a day. Oh well.

This coming week the challenge is to up dairy consumption. I did have milk on my cereal this morning-it's a start. I know this is an area that is seriously lacking in my diet. With all my running, I really do need to protect my joins & bones, so I will be trying to get in more calcium.

I haven't been doing bootcamp, but will work to get in some of the strength moves with Kirsten today!

How has your week been? Were you able to resist Diet Coke's siren call?

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