Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Burst Into Summer: Check-In 3

Hey there everyone!  I woke up today believing that today would be a great day.  I'm not going to let anything spoil it.  Not a couple pounds on the scale (really, I'm still way within my goal range and considering the drinking and food in the past week, I can be thankful it isn't more), not a few rough runs, nothing.

Last week's Burst into Summer mini-challenge had to do with fruits and veggies.  I did ok.  Fruit on my cereal in the morning, salads at lunch or dinner most days, and I'm totally counting salsa as a vegetable.  Ignore the chips used to eat said salsa.

I also tried to reign it in a bit on the 4th.  Thankfully (or not, depending on your perspective) we didn't have plans for the first year in forever.  This made it a little easier to make healthier choices, but I will admit to eating a couple of hot dogs.

I've already failed at this week's mini-challenge of no fast food.  In my defense, I didn't read about the challenge until AFTER lunch.  K and I had Culver's after her diving practice today.  She's feeling very discouraged about how hard it has been to be expected to just literally dive back in after over 6 months off.  The high school coach is tough and she's feeling bad.  She requested Culver's, so I said ok.  As a bonus, we both did just get kid's meals and tiny cups of frozen custard.

I've managed to do bootcamp a couple of times, only I'm skipping the sprints so I don't have to cut out my speedwork run each week.  Today I did the week 3 strength circuit after my bike ride.  It kicked my ass.

So, there you go.  Not a bad week, but it could have been a little better.  At least I didn't eat 50 or 60-someodd hotdogs like those crazy hot dog eating contest fools.

How was your week?  What was one victory this 4th of July weekend?

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