Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Burst Into Summer: Check In 4

It's Wednesday, and that means it's check-in day over at the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans.  I'm continuing to eat breakfast, drink lots of water and am working on getting in fruits and vegetables.  This past week's mini-challenge was to kick fast food to the curb.  I think I succeeded on this one, mostly.  I was craving a burger and fried pickles after my long run last Saturday (Hello, I burned like 1600 calories!), but instead of fast food, we went to a sit-down-bar-type place.  Sunday we picked up the boy from camp and got Subway for lunch.  Seeing as I make really good choices at Subway 99% of the time, I don't consider it "fast food" in the McWendyKing sort of way.  On the way out to camp, the hubby and K got McD's for breakfast, but I had a bowl of cereal before we left and drank a Click on the way.  I consider that a major #win, especially since I puffy heart love their cinnamon melts and hash browns.

My marathon training is coming along nicely.  In the past 4 1/2 weeks, I've logged almost 75 miles running!  This doesn't count biking and walking for cross-training.  I ran 12 last weekend and this weekend I'm up to 13 already.  Blows my mind more than just a little bit.  If I can be honest, I'm freaking out at the thought of how far 26.2 miles actually IS and how slow my long runs have been, but I'm trying to get over that.  I've also been having some hip and knee pain, but I have an appointment this afternoon with my amazing chiropractor.  He uses ART rather than the adjustments you normally think of  when you think "chiropractor".  I'm hoping he can fix things so I can run my 7 tomorrow and 13 this weekend relatively pain-free.  If you are a runner and have knee, hip, back pain, I strongly recommend finding an ART provider and giving it a try.  I'm also going to check and see when I last bought shoes.  My running store is having their semi-annual sale starting today and I might go pick up a new pair, even if I'm not quite needing them yet.

Also-on a running-realted note-I finally added a "race results" page here!  (I use the athlinks website to keep track of all of my races, but I decided to post them here too.)  This page is also where I'll post any upcoming races I might be thinking about.  Check it out :)

As for this week's challenge, it is to get at least 7+ hours of sleep a night.  I'm usually pretty good with this, so easy-peasy. 

Even though I'm technically a "non-loser" for this challenge, I believe in full disclosure.  I've been in maintenance mode for quite some time now.  (I actually don't remember when I last posted a weight here.)  However, I'm really struggling with eating and marathon training.  Somehow I'm up about 5 pounds from my all-time low of 132pointSomething.  I've been hovering right around 134-135 and today I was 137.2.  UGH.  It isn't horrible, but I'd much rather be back under 135.  I even feel a lot fatter, which is completely ridiculous, but there you go.  However, severely restricting calories when you are running 20+ miles a week is a really bad idea.  I know losing weight while training for an endurance event is extremely difficult, but I definitely don't want to go any higher than I am today.  If any of you endurance athletes (I can't believe I'm actually lumping myself into the same category as you) have any ideas, I would love to hear them.  (Tracking my food only makes me crazy and bitchy, so that option if off the table for the time being.)

So, how was your week?  Any successes?  Any learning experiences (they aren't failures!)?  Talk to me, friends, I'd love to hear how you are doing.

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