Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Burst into Summer Check in 5

I'm dealing with crap right now, which makes the commitment to eat healthy and workout hard, but even more essential.  I'm getting in all my marathon training runs - even set a PR for the 1/2 marathon distance on Saturday - but the "other" workouts are harder.  I did bike on Monday and I made myself do some strength training today with some exercise bands I got at FitBloggin (maybe a review and giveaway will happen at some point).

As for the Shrinking Jeans challenges, I'm continuing to eat breakfast and drinking tons of water.  I'm afraid veggies are not being consumed as much as they should be and sleep is definitely not happening.  It's too hot and my brain will not turn off at night.  Last night, I moved to the spare bedroom in the basement (it's easily 10-15 degrees cooler down there) but it freaked out the cat and she meowed half the night.  I can't win.

I think I'm still around 136-137 (at least I was yesterday).  I didn't weigh-in this morning because I didn't want to see a higher number and have my already crappy day turn worse.

I hope you are all doing better than I am at the moment.

I really don't like strength training.  I'm doing it, because I feel like I need to and I know it will improve my running, but I think I'm a cardio, sweatpouringdownmyface, sorta girl.

What is your favorite workout?

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