Monday, July 4, 2011

LLRB 365: 2011 Week 26

This week was an absolute blast.  Kirsten and her girls were here as part of her insaneroadtrip and I didn't want to let her leave!  I took so many pictures, that many this week needed to be posted as diptic app collages :)

After many, many hours in the car, Kirsten and her girls finally made it to Michigan. We celebrated with some sweet tea vodka & lemonade

Kirsten's girls bonded with David, we went for a run with my running group for a sweaty 4 miles - meeting up with Pete, too, and we had a yummy dinner with some Chateau Chantal Naughty Red!

David headed off for 12 days at music camp and the weather was glorious, so us girls went to Millennium Park Beach for some fun in the sun.

Kirsten and I started off the day with a 3 mile run.  Running with one of the best friends a girl can have - priceless.  It was Kaylee's turn to be mobbed and then she & one of her friends babysit while Kirsten helped me pop my tat cherry!  Kirsten got a 26.2 Mickey for her Disney Marathon and I am now sporting a firework :)  I chose the word "strength" for so many reasons, but mainly because this verse wouldn't fit on my ankle:
"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" - Philippians 4:13

Kirsten headed out early for her next destination :( and I tried to fuel for my Saturday long run.

Today was long run day!  I ran my farthest distance since May: 10.6 miles in just over 2 hours!

Spent a good chunk of the hot day camped out in front of the Cub's game with a brew.

That was my week - the highlight truly being Kirsten's visit.  Do you have any fun get togethers planned this summer?

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