Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Friends Who Push

Today I'm thankful for my Grand Rapids Marathon friends.  I was able to run the Grand Rapids Marathon Beer Run Tuesday night and I started the run with my friends Keith and Pete.  They slowed down a bit for me so I could keep up for a mile but still pushed me.  That mile was at a 10 m/m pace, which is a FAST first mile for me. Then, they took off like the speed demons they are, but I maintained and even sped up my pace. A couple other friends were running about the same pace as me, and Julie commented on how much faster I've gotten. I ended our 5 mile run with the fastest pace I've ever maintained for that distance. 

Do you see that????? That's a 9:55 minute/mile pace, people!  I even felt like I could keep going.  I've gotta say, all this marathon training has really helped me speed up my shorter distances.  I'm loving that!

I'm also thankful for my newest 26.2 sponsor!  Mel is running "with" me at mile 12.  She lives near me and I'm so happy we connected and have become IRL friends as well.  Someday, I hope to run with her, too, but so far when we go out it's usually to share yummy food and beer :)  Mel blogs here and you can find her on twitter here.  Thanks Mel!  I love you, girl!

Would you like to join my sponsors Ben, Erin, Andrea, Lisa, Ann, the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans, Melissa, Kirsten, and Mel in supporting me as I train to finish my first full marathon, the Grand Rapids Marathon? I have set up a sponsorship page in which you can help me reach my goal of crossing the finish line (sponsorship will help pay for race fees, nutrition/hydration, shoes, etc). You can click HERE, or click on the tab above. I would love and appreciate any support you can give me. Bloggy and linky love will follow, as well as the ability to sponsor individual miles and run "with" me on October 16th. I cherish all the love and support my readers have given me this year. I wouldn't be attempting this race without you.

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