Monday, September 5, 2011

My Newest Sponsor: @girlsworld !

I am so thrilled to highlight my newest 26.2 sponsor.  Running mile 25 with me (because I wouldn't let her have 26.2!) is Kirsten from Living in a Girl's World!  Kirsten is mom to 3 awesome little girls and is one truly bad ass runner.  She blogs about her running over here and you can find her on twitter here!

Kirsten was one of the first girls who really connected with me when I started following Shrinking Jeans and getting into twitter (and now I have over 30,000 tweets and she's up over 40,000 - the chick can TWEET!).  She's also been one of my biggest running supporters since I started running again.  Luckily for me, I've gotten to hang with Kirsten quite a bit in the past year or so (although, if you ask me, we never have enough time together).

We met IRL for the first time in Chicago in June 2010 and we were able to run together along Lake Michigan.  At the time, I would "only" run 3 miles with her.  Now, with Kirsten's encouragement I'm training for my first Marathon!

We were also able to run together in Baltimore at Fitbloggin 11...

We ran at my house this summer (and got inked!) when she made a stop on her insaneroadtrip....

And ran again at her house when I visited her a few weeks ago (my first run at elevation!).

I think it's pretty obvious Kirsten absolutely ROCKS.  Kirsten trains like there's no tomorrow and she's going all out and running Tough Mudder Northern California in something like 12 days!  Way more bad ass than I'll ever be!  (Hello?!? Obstacles, mud, electric shock? NO THANKS!) So, go give Kirsten a shout out and let her know how awesome she is.  Thank you so much Kirsten, for believing in me, encouraging me, and talking me off my ledge when I think I've gone completely nuts.  I love you, girl!

Would you like to join my sponsors Ben, Erin, Andrea, Lisa, Ann, the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans, Melissa and now Kirsten in supporting me as I train to finish my first full marathon, the Grand Rapids Marathon?  I have set up a sponsorship page in which you can help me reach my goal of crossing the finish line (sponsorship will help pay for race fees, nutrition/hydration, shoes, etc).  You can click HERE, or click on the tab above.  I would love and appreciate any support you can give me.  Bloggy and linky love will follow, as well as the ability to sponsor individual miles and run "with" me on October 16th.  I cherish all the love and support my readers have given me this year.  I wouldn't be attempting this race without you.

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