Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Terrific True Confessions Tuesday: Last Day to Enter!

Today is the last day to enter my giveaway for a custom tech shirt from My Race Ragz.  You have until 9:00 PM EST, so click that link and ENTER! I'll be running in my shirt on Sunday - what will you wear for your next race?

Since this is True Confession day, I'm going to confess that I need to not step on the scale until after the marathon.  I'm thinking at least a week after the marathon.  Yesterday morning the bi*ch made me want to cry and I am so much more than a number on a piece of machinery!  I am a 41 year old woman who is going to be running her first marathon in 5 days, dammit!  I've been training my @$$ off since June (well, apparently not LITERALLY) and I should be thrilled with what my body has been capable of.  Gaining a couple pounds during training and taper shouldn't make me freak out.  Now...if they aren't gone within a month AFTER the marathon, then we've got a problem.

Also, I'd like to confess I wish it was Sunday around 1:30 pm so I could stop feeling like I might barf or cry at any given moment.  If you see me in Target this week sobbing, just ignore me.  Yesterday's edition of the Grand Rapids Marathon Newsletter contained some very good advice from marathon director Don Kern.


So, I said all that to make this point:

You're ready.  You've prepared.  You've trained.  And now, it's time for the fun.  Feel the energy from the people around you.  Find someone wearing a staff jacket and give them a hug.  It's your day now.  Enjoy everything about it. 

Don't stress about parking.  There's plenty.  Don't stress about aid stations.  They're well stocked, and they're ROCKIN'.  Don't stress about portajohns.  We have plenty.  (Some of them look like big blue plastic boxes and have white toilet paper.  Many others look like big plants with woody stems and have various colored toilet paper on them.)

Everybody here loves you.  We're all here to help.  And YOU?  You're gonna be awesome out there."

Yep - waterworks.  I'm trying, Don!  I'm trying to "re-freakin'-lax".

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