Tuesday, October 25, 2011

True Confession Tuesday-Post Marathon Blues

So, the past week and 2 days have been really *weird* for me.  You see, I ran this little marathon on 10/16/10 and since then I've felt totally lost.  I've only worked out twice (both times using Nike Training Club and doing strength work) and each workout literally kicked my ass.  I felt so incredibly out of shape that it was sad.  Granted, I really slacked on the strength work near the end of training anyway, so I totally got what I deserved in that respect.  I also did a 4 mile walk on Saturday that left my shins more sore than the marathon - go figure.  Clearly I need to stick to running?  I feel like I have no direction because I don't have any workouts mapped out on my calendar.  My next big race, the Tinker Bell Half Marathon, is in 96 days.  I have plenty of time to train and since I don't plan on running this race for *time* per se, the pressure is off a bit maybe too much.  Also, as Kirsten pointed out, my longest training run for this will be a piece of cake after marathon training.  I'm hoping to do an 8k in November (depending on where we are for Thanksgiving) and a 5k in December (likely in TONS of snow - also NOT a PR type of race).  I haven't run since the marathon, and frankly, I'm a little scared that it won't go well or something.  It sounds completely stupid when I type it out, but there you go.

My eating has been shit and I said I wouldn't step on the scale for at least a couple weeks after the marathon.  Well, I stepped on the scale on Saturday and was pleasantly surprised to see a number a couple pounds less than my "danger zone" weight.  Now, with all the shit I ate and drank over the weekend, I'm probably back up over the danger zone, but whatever.  The main thing is needing to get my eating and this marathon gluttony in check. 

My emotions are also all over the place.  I'm better this week, but still feel like I could burst into tears at any moment.  Work was VERY hard last week, with some extremely challenging students and stressful parent meetings, and I even cried in front of another teacher.  Now he keeps asking me if everything is okay.  F*CK.  I so did not want to go there.  KWIM?

I'm sure a lot of what I'm feeling is post-marathon blues.  You train and train and have a goal for 4 months and then *poof* in less than 5 1/2 hours, it's over.  I know I just need to snap out of it, but it's hard.  At least it is for me. 

Have you ever experienced post-race blues?  What did you do to get over it?

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