Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tri Training Week 12 - Almost there!

Since my vacation cut into the biggest weeks of my training, I'm repeating the two peak weeks.  Overall, week 12 was a VERY good week - I hit 51 total miles and boy did I feel it by the end of the weekend.

Monday 7/23/12 - Scheduled OFF - Completed Run 3.15 miles in 34:49. I needed this run - it was my first non-walking run of this distance since I got injured.

Tuesday 7/24/12 - Scheduled Swim 0:30/Strength 0:30 - Completed 1000 yd swim in 29 minutes and a very hard 30 min Nike Training Club workout (this app is awesome if you have an iPhone or iTouch).  The strength workout killed my hamstrings and they hurt all week.

Wednesday 7/25/12 - Scheduled Run 0:30 - Completed 3.15 mile run in 34:11. 

Thursday 7/26/12 - Scheduled Swim 0:30/Strength 0:30 - Completed Bike 10 miles in 44 minutes.  I hadn't been on my bike since before vacation and was itching to ride.

Friday 7/27/12 -  Scheduled OFF - Completed OFF

Saturday 7/28/12 - Scheduled Bike/Run Brick (1:05/0:20) - Completed a great Bike/Run Brick! I biked 15.19 miles in 1:05:22 (13.9 mph average) and then knocked out a 2 mile run in 21:03 (10:31 pace!).  I felt great through this whole workout.

Sunday 7/29/12 - Scheduled Bike/Run Brick (1:00/0:25) - Completed Bike/Run Brick but struggled a little. I biked 14.66 miles in 1:01:30 (14.3 mph average) on a hillier course than Saturday.  I also had a near-miss baby crash where I hit a curb and twisted my foot and ankle a bit getting my foot out of the cage (which I did before I tipped over).  The run after this was also a little hilly and mentally I was not into it.  I ran 2.21 miles in 25 minutes but I had a couple walk breaks and mentally just felt drained.  

Four runs this week, including back-to-back bricks, and nearly crashing on Sunday really knocked me for a loop.  It doesn't help that I haven't been sleeping well (for many reasons and none that I can really do anything about) and I'm starting to feel run down.  Yesterday I was more than willing to respect my rest day and not work out.  This coming week is going to be another hard training week with back-to-back bricks again but the workouts are shorter and one is a swim/bike brick.  

I'm getting excited for my tri, but also nervous.  I still know nothing about transition and I'm starting to stalk weather.com already (so far it looks warm but dry).  Any veteran triathletes have any advice for me?  One thing you wish you had known before your first tri?

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