Thursday, July 26, 2012

3 for Thursday: Thea's Question (@ItsMeVsMe)

You might recall that before I left for vacation I was working through a bunch of questions - tidbits of randomness about myself you could say.

In honor of my girl, Thea's, birthday (Happy Birthday, babe!), today I'm answering HER question(s)! She came up with 2 questions, but one has more than one answer so I think I'm still good on the "3 for Thursday" theme. How's that for alliteration!

Thea wrote, "HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY!!!!! 

I have two questions: 
1)How much do you love me? 
2)If Disney was wiped off the face of the Earth, after an appropriate mourning period, where would your new "go to" vacation destination be?"

Well, easy question first.

Thea, to paraphrase the words of the Little Nutbrown Hare, I love you to the moon and back!  You have always been one of my biggest supporters and you're never afraid to sic the Weightloss Mafia on me or tell me to love myself just the way I am when I need to get my head out of my ass.  For that, I love you to the moon and back :)  SMOOCHES!!! 

The second question is so much harder!

First of all, if Disney was wiped off the face of the Earth, I don't think there would ever be an appropriately long mourning period!  It would be absolutely devastating.  (And since I have plans to visit in November and run Wine and Dine, Disney isn't allowed to disappear until AFTER that race, cuz I'm selfish like that.)

So, where would I choose to go?  I think it depends on many factors.  Am I going alone, with my friends, loved ones, kids?  I think the destination would change.  Let's pretend, for the sake of needing to come up with 2 more things for Thursday, that I'd be going with my kids for one trip and as a romantic get-away for the other.

I would love to take my kids to Europe.  Probably England, Germany, and Belgium (because I like their beer - sue me).  I think it would be amazing for them to experience some different cultures but the areas aren't so foreign (like going to Cambodia or something) that they'd still be able to find foods to eat and we'd be able to communicate without too much difficulty.  These are also countries that I've never visited, so we'd be experiencing them for the first time together.

If I was to take a romantic trip somewhere (or even go someplace alone for that matter) I'd want it to be a tropical, quiet, private beach where I can sit under a palm tree because I'm pasty, there will be no tanning going on and sip some rum punch while the ocean breezes wash over me.  I've always thought Fiji would be nice, or maybe the Galapagos Islands.  Somewhere there is good SCUBA diving or snorkeling would be nice, too.

So there are my 3 Things for Thea Thursday answers :)
  1. I love her to the moon and back
  2. I'd take my kids to Europe
  3. I'd love to escape to a secluded beach somewhere
Now, everyone needs to go over to Thea's place and give her some birthday love!

Where is your dream vacation destination?

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