Friday, July 6, 2012

Blog-iversary 20 Questions Winner

Thank you to everyone who submitted questions for my Blog-iversary giveaway!! Without further ado...the winner is...

Erin is seriously one of my best girls and biggest supporters.  I even got to run my favorite race EVER with her this spring.

Her question:  "When are we going to do another mud run?"

Answer: I'd say whenever the next Down and Dirty Mud Run comes to town!  We need to set a serious PR next time, although I don't know how we could possibly have more fun than we did this year :)

Congrats, Erin! And that you so much for all of the love and support here, as well as IRL.  Someone asked a while ago about how blogging and social media have affected me - I'd say developing friendships with women like Erin top the list.  

So, go out and give Erin some love.  She blogs here and you can find her on twitter here!

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