Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday Motivation

One of my friends asked yesterday "why did you start a running blog"?  I never intended this blog to just be about running, but in many ways it evolved into that.  I started the blog as a way to keep myself accountable as I attempted to lose weight.  It worked for the most part and I made some of the most amazing friends (who are now IRL friends as well) through blogging.  I even post some other stuff too on occasion :)

But back to running.  When I got injured, I felt like a part of my identify was being taken away.  If I couldn't run, then what the hell COULD I do?  I moped and bitched and moaned a lot (and I'm sorry many of you got to experience that here but then, this is my space to do with as I choose).  Someone else asked me to write a guest post about my injury.  Maybe I'll still do that, but at the time I was afraid all I would be is negative and down and I didn't want to write another post like that.  (I'd so much rather write a motivating, comeback, pick-yourself-up post when I feel like I can call myself "healed".)  Because of this injury, my workout life has evolved a lot like this blog has.  I'm now training for my first triathlon - something I said I'd never do.  I've done 3 open water swims and biked the triathlon's 15 mile bike course (in a very respectable time even).

One of my friends called me a triathlete the other day and I said I wasn't one - that I wouldn't be a triathlete until I had that bling around my neck.  He basically called bullshit on me - reminded me that I didn't need the bling to hold the title. I was a runner before I ran my first race and I'm a triathlete now. I swim. I bike. I run. The running is still not up to snuff, but it's getting there. Tomorrow I'm attempting my first 3 mile run and I REALLY want to run the entire 3 miles without walking.  But if I have to walk, I need to be ok with that.  The leg has been feeling pretty good (not perfect, but better).  The worst right now is my head and the mental games it's playing.  I need motivational reminders too.
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I hope whatever you are doing today to help make yourself a happy, healthier YOU gives you strength and proves that you are a fighter.  This song/video have been making their rounds and I can assure you it will be in the rotation on tomorrow's run.

You still have 3 more days to enter my giveaway for some of my favorite things to celebrate my 3rd blog-iversary - still undecided what they'll be - but it'll be good, I promise :)

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