Friday, June 29, 2012

Fitness Friday: why I do what I do

A while back, I decided to write another 20 questions page for my blog.  People occasionally ask me questions here or on twitter and the first round of 20 were pretty fun, so I figured doing it again would make for some interesting blog topics.  I got about 8 or 9 questions that time, so obviously not enough for a "20 questions" page, but I started answering them (just never got around to publishing - oops).

A few of the questions centered around the same general theme, sort of a "why is fitness important to you" category.  I apologize that I can't remember who asked which questions (and that it's taken me this long to answer) but here's a bit about why I do what I do to stay healthy and blog about it here:

What got you into running / races / marathons? Most of this is answered in the first 20 questions page and the about me page here.  Since writing those pages, I've completed my first marathon and a few more half marathons.  I also have been struggling with my first real, side-lying injury.  I'd say the marathon was just the natural progession.  I loved training for the half marathon and 25k, so I decided this past year was as good a time as any to go for a marathon.  Then, instead of taking time off, I kept training for 2 more half marathons and ended up with a stress reaction.  I've now switched my focus to training for a sprint triathlon.  Even though my running isn't up to snuff, I'm hoping the swimming and biking will keep me in shape and I'll be able to do well on the tri with minimal run training.

Did your moms death impact / influence your healthy living?!  My mom died of skin cancer when I was 14.  At the time, I'd say it didn't impact my desire to be healthy at all.  But now?  I want to be around to see my own kids graduate and get married, have kids, etc. etc.  I really do try to stay out of the sun or use sunscreen.  Also, my weight loss and foray into running has been an effort to get and stay at a healthy weight.  My mom was slightly overweight her entire adult life, and while that had no bearing on her developing skin cancer, I still feel inspired to be the healthiest "me" I can be for my family.

Has running changed your social life? and how? Oh my word has it! I wouldn't have ever pushed myself to run past 3 miles if it weren't for social media and my IRL friends who are runners.  Also, the majority of my closest friends now are runners who I've met through twitter or races I've done.  I love running with these friends now and I couldn't imagine not having them in my life.

There you have it...3 more tidbits about me and why I'm here blogging and training.  Want to get in on the fun?  My 3rd blog-iversary was last week and I'm having a little giveaway for anyone who asks a question.  Go to this post and comment to enter!

So, tell me about you.  What is your favorite form of exercise and why?

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