Wednesday, June 6, 2012

June Tune-Up check in 1

Just a quick blog post to say we are at the end of the first "week" of the Shrinking Jeans June Tune-Up challenge.  I say "week" but it's really only been since Friday.  Now we are onto our usual Wednesday check-in schedule.

I was a bit surprised by the scale this morning since I went to a street festival on Sunday and ate REALLY bad festival food and then out last night for the Grand Rapids Marathon Beer Run and had a bunch of salty food plus a beer (or two, but who's counting).

Last Friday: 152.4
Today: 151.6
Change for Week: down 0.8
Change for Challenge: down 0.8

I'll take it considering I did not make the most ideal of food choices this week.  At least the workouts must've helped, right?

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