Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tri-Training Tuesday Weekly Recap

I feel like a bad blogger since I haven't written anything since Thursday, but I also feel if you don't have anything to say, you probably shouldn't say anything.  I had ideas for posts this weekend, but they just never came to fruition.  Bottom line - the beginning of summer break has been crazy busy.  This past week I also went a bit overboard in my training and now I'm paying for it.  I have no clue what today's workout will hold, I just know my leg is pissed and I'm supposed to up my runs to 2 miles this week.  Somehow, I don't think that's happening.

Anyhoo...here's how training panned out this week:

Monday 6/11/12 - Plan: REST. Instead, I swam 800 yds in 23 minutes and biked 6 miles in 30 min - my first ride on my new road bike :)

Tuesday 6/12/12 - Plan: bike 30. Completed an 18 mile bike ride (10 while Pete ran at 6.3 mph and then 8 more fast when I got home with a 13.7 mph ave), then ran 1.25 miles in 12:50 (10:16 pace!).

Wednesday 6/13/12 - Plan: swim 20. Completed 800 yds swim in 26:20.

Thursday 6/14/12 - Plan:  run 25/strength 30. Completed 15 min on ellip arc trainer (stupid .7 miles) then ran 1.5 in 15:16 (10:10 pace!). Finished with 36 min legs & abs.

Friday 6/15/12 - Plan: REST. Biked 11.5 miles while Pete ran (6.3 mph)

Saturday 6/16/12 - Plan run 30. Completed 1/2 mile walk, 1.63 mile run in 16:15 (9:57 pace - holy crap!) then 1 mile walk.

Sunday 6/17/12 - Plan swim 20. Completed swim/bike brick. 20 min swim (about 600 yds) then 6.1 mile bike with 14.6 mph ave.

This was a crazy week of training, on a week that was supposed to be a "recovery" week.  Oops. Like I said, I'm paying for it now with a really sore shin.  I saw the chiro yesterday and he pretty much lectured me about my body's crazy tolerance for pain (or maybe stupidity) that tells me everything is fine when it really isn't.  I think he pushed the injury spot a lot today to remind me what it will feel like if I don't use some common sense.  Needless to say, other than walking around the mall shopping on Monday and floating in the pool, I respected Monday's rest day.

Before you all leave me to enjoy this beautiful summer day, please go give my girl, Angie, some love over here at Real Women Tri.  She absolutely kicked ASS in her last half iron and this is her first blog post about the experience.  Angie convinced me to run my very first 5k and has helped me with training for pretty much every race I've done since then.  If I hadn't run that first 5k back in 2006 I wouldn't be writing about marathons and training for a tri today.

Do you have anyone who has inspired you to try something new?

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