Monday, June 11, 2012

Menu Plan Monday - planning is the hard part

So, I had a pretty busy weekend (or specifically Sunday) so I didn't get a chance to plan this week's meals out until this morning.  It's been a pretty productive morning, too - a 1/2 mile swim topped off with a trip to sbux to use the free drink coupon that has been floating around in my purse for 3 weeks I know, it's ridiculous that it took me 3 weeks to use.

Anyhoo...after pursuing the cupboards and fridge because I don't want to buy a ton of groceries today, here's what we will be eating for dinners this week.  (Now that we are into summer break, I should probably be planning lunches too - maybe next week that will happen.)

Monday: Homemade pizza with bread machine pizza dough (we were supposed to have this yesterday but ended up spending the day down at my sister's. Playing with my niece and nephew trump pizza.)

Tuesday: Chicken fajitas - found out last week that both kids liked these. SCORE!

Wednesday: Dinner at the food court - I have the parent meeting for driver's ed before D and K's class, so I'm planning to give them money while I'm in "class" and then I'll figure something out after.  Otherwise we need to eat dinner at 4:00 and that is just dumb.

Thursday: Pomegranate chipotle  pork chops (it's a Tastefully Simple sauce), noodles, green beans or broccoli

Friday: Spaghetti, salad, garlic bread (even though I'm not doing long runs for the foreseeable future, old habits die hard)

Saturday: Pan glazed chicken with basil, broccoli couscous (this will be piss off the children night - I think they are going to probably hate this but oh well)

Sunday: Father's Day - I think we'll grill out hamburgers and hot dogs unless M wants to do something else.

What plans do you have for Father's Day?  Do you take your guy out, cook something at home, just give him a new ugly tie?

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