Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tri-Training Tuesday

Last week was a pretty great training week! I learned a bit about healing & that back-to-back runs are a no-no. But even with that little screw-up, I still did well this week. I'm gaining confidence & strength, which are 2 things I need right now. I just need to trust that the running will get there eventually.

Here was my week:

Monday 6/4/12: rest day

Tuesday 6/5/12: Planned 30 min run/30 min strength. Completed: B double E double R-U-N BEERRUN! Ran my first full mile in around 10:35 & then walked back to the bar hosting the beer run to wait for M & my friends who were running the full run.

Wednesday 6/6/12: Planned 25 min swim. Completed 1 mile run for National Running Day (ouch) and swam 800 in 21 min.

Thursday 6/7/12: Planned 30 min bike/30 min strength. Completed 10 mile bike ride (5 miles each way to the gym) with a 40 min strength workout in between.

Friday 6/8/12: Rest Day

Saturday 6/9/12: Planned 25 min run. Completed 1 mile run in 10:52 & 1 mile walk home.

Sunday 6/19/12: Planned 35 min bike. Completed 8 mile bike ride in 37 min. Hopefully the last bike ride on my old bike. From now on I'm riding this sexy beauty!  I cannot WAIT to post next week's training summary so I can talk about today's workout(s).  But if you want a preview, check me out on DailyMile :)

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