Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tri Training Week 7

It's hard to believe I'm half way through my training for the Millennium Triathlon.  I should probably sign up for it at this point, huh?  These week's training went ok.  Had some good swims and bike rides, but the running was just "eh".  My leg still isn't cooperating like I want it too, with lingering achiness after my runs persisting into the next day.  I'm supposed to increase my run to 2.5 miles this week, but 2 miles on Saturday was really rough.  Not sure what I should do.  Elliptical this week instead and up the run next week?  I know I'll be able to cover the 3.1 miles at the tri, but whether I can run them all is what is in question at this point.

We had a funeral to attend out of town this week so that threw a bit of a wrench into the plans. I had to switch a couple workouts around, but that's how life goes, isn't it.  Anyway, here's the breakdown of this past week's workouts:

Monday 6/18/12 - Plan REST - Completed REST

Tuesday 6/19/12 - Plan Run :35/Strength :30 - Completed 1 hour bike (14 miles). Then 30 min mixed strength training.

Wednesday 6/20/12 - Plan Swim :25 - Completed Swim/Run brick: 1000 yd swim in 22:38 (lots of drills & I didn't time the rest breaks) then 2 mile treadmill run in 20:21.

Thursday 6/21/12 - Plan Bike :55/Strength :30 - Completed a 2 mile bike ride, but rode in the streets.  It was unnerving and I almost crashed once.

Friday 6/22/12 - Plan REST - Completed REST but also spent a little time walking around an outlet mall.

Saturday 6/23/12 - Plan Run :30 - Completed 3.2 miles in 38 and change. 2 mile run in 21:46 and 1.2 mile wu/cd in 17:04.  The run hurt a bit and I felt like I never found my groove.  I couldn't even make it the full 2 miles without a walk break, which pissed me off more than the overall slow pace.

Sunday 6/24/12 - Plan Bike :40 - Completed a 20 mile bike ride (in 1:27 - just shy of a 14 mph average) and did level 1 of the 30 Day Shred (25 min strength). On the bike ride, I rode a lot of it on trails but also quite a bit on actual streets.  Even had to stop at lights and figure out which lane I should be in.  The whole time thinking "please, God, don't let anyone run me over.  My fastest times on the bike (upwards of 20 mph) were on city streets I think because I just wanted to get it over with! It also about killed me to do these things back-to-back. I discovered my shin does NOT like jumping jacks yet and I was just wiped out from the bike ride.  I ended up doing some sort of boxer's jog instead, which was dumb, to try and modify the workout a bit.

I clearly went overboard on the biking this week, but since my running is definitely sub-par I felt I needed to make up for it somewhere.  I think my biggest frustrations at this point are not being able to run as well (or as far, or as often) as I'd like (or in my mind that I think I should be able to run) and that my swimming still feels so weak.  I know it will get better and I can't expect to be a great swimmer right away - there is some element of a learning curve and unlearning some serious bad habits.

In case you missed it, this past weekend was my 3rd Blogiversary!  I have a little giveaway going on over here to celebrate and than you all for sticking with me the past 3 years.  My readers really do mean the world to me, so thank you for being here and commenting.

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