Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Streets of Fire 8k #racereport

I hadn't planned on writing a race report today, but I also hadn't planned on racing last weekend. I knew I needed a double on Saturday for relay training and found this local race that would fit in nicely as the evening run. (I ran my own 5k route at 5:30 am in my night gear since my 1st and 3rd relay legs will require the lights and vest. I finished the weekend with a triple by running another 5k route Sunday morning in the pour rain - cuz I'm a crazy like that.)

The Streets of Fire 8k is staged at a Polish hall in Grand Rapids and is put on by the Grand Rapids Running Club. My neighbor runs it every year and has always spoken highly of the race so I figured, WTH.  I registered a couple days before the race and just picked up my race packet at the race (don't think I've done that before). One of my girlfriends was also running so we chilled and chatted before hand. We might have snapped pics of a righteous mullet too.

I had zero faith this thing would stay on.

Right before the 6:30 race we headed outside. People were just milling about I'd told her I was hoping for around a 10 m/m pace but we'd just run & just see what happened. The start was just a "go" but as you can see from the high tech cardboard chip twisty-tied to my shoe, we were getting times.

Nice shirt, cool bag, a koozie and mason jar beer glass!

We sorta took off like rockets. I was trying to keep up with her and ahead of some other people & at the mile mark I knew I needed to back off or I was going to end up hurt. I told her to run ahead and I walked a couple times up the giant hill.

9:17, 10:54

I managed to catch her around mile 2.5 or so & we ran together to the end. She really pushed me & I finished with one of my fastest miles ever!

10:01, 9:13, 8:53!

Holy crap on a cracker - a sub-9!!!!
My official time was 47:54.3 - good enough for 5th in my age group but there were only 6 though. I finished 67th overall out of 95 people.  Those stats are discouraging given how hard I'd run.  Maybe if I hadn't walked I could've done a little better.  Or I could've ended up injured.  Tough call.

I both love and hate these small races. Streets of Fire had great swag and was very well supported for a race that only cost $25 and I was surprised at the number of spectators.  Pizza after the race and my husband winning a $20 gift certificate to one of the local running stores was pretty cool too - especially since he gave it to me.  Listening to awards, I'd manage to beat the girl who took 2nd in the 20-24 age group but couldn't come close to placing in my own. That part pisses me off.  Had I run last year - I'd have taken 2nd in my AG with the time I managed on Saturday. What I do know? I managed to set a 5 min, 42 sec PR over my only other official 8k race!

The most important thing is we had fun and managed some girl time.

horrible selfie but aren't we adorable?

Next time we run together, I'll be sharing van space and handing off our baton to her at the Fred Relay!

Local, small races? Yah or nay for you?  Do you put much faith in the AGs or just try to beat yourself?

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