Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Weigh-in Wednesday: burnout

Without turning this post into a rant, I'm just going to say I'm burned out.

Burned out on training.

Burned out on trying to lose weight.

I'm just burned out.

I've seen basically no improvement in any area and it's frustrating.  

It's frustrating to know that I'm trying but it's just not good enough.

Maybe I'm not trying hard enough.

Starting Weight (11-28-12): 153.6
Last week: 144.8
This week: 144.4
Change: down 0.4
Total change: down 9.4

Rather than show you a picture of my stupid scale again, I'll leave you with a picture from my bike ride this morning. It's prettier. It's also blurry because I was moving when I took it. 

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