Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thankful Thursday: runner meet ups!

If there's one benefit to this little thing called social media, it's the opportunity to connect with people you wouldn't normally get to know.

This week I got to meet three of my favorite tweeps, Mike, Lani and Betsy! Lani is originally from Michigan and was passing through on her way home from spending time with her family and suggested a meet up. Mike and Betsy are in the Detroit area, so we figured just east of Lansing was a nice mid-point.  I made the drive over toward the east side of the state to a cute park where we had a little picnic and talked running while Lani's kids played on the playground.  Betsy is the queen of the mud run and tough mudders, Mike is training for his first full marathon (Chicago), and Lani is going Dopey at Disney in January (6 medals - I might have to do this someday for the bling alone!).  I was in VERY good running company :)

me, Betsy, Mike, Lani and her little guy T.
Because Mike is the co-founder of #PlankADay and the CORErection officer of the Plank Police on twitter, we couldn't get away without a #plankaday! Pretty impressive - over 9000 people are using that hash tag on twitter now when it just started as a way for Mike and his friend Sherry to keep each other accountable :)

note to self-wear an appropriate shirt if planking is to occur
As a matter of fact, I felt compelled to plank this morning while writing up this recap.  I hope the Plank Police take my 60 sec plank as payment for missing many months of planking.

Have you joined in with the #plankaday nation?  If you want info on how to get in on the fun, click here.

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