Friday, January 3, 2014

Fitness Friday: race plans?

The thing to do the first week of a new year is lay out all your race plans for the year. I was 100% planning NOT to do that. I'm injured and burnt out and really wanted a break after completing 11 races this year. 13 if you count a virtual 10k and the Get Lost in Running virtual race. (I might count those because that means I did 13 in 2013!) I was saying, I wasn't planning to post any race plans.

But then this happened yesterday.

That would be yours truly on the propaganda for the 2014 Fifth Third River Bank Run, the largest 25k road race in the country.  I can't even imagine how many of those postcards were delivered.  At least it's a cute picture and I set a PR that day.

And then my Facebook and Twitter exploded as friends all over the area got their mail today.  Oy.

look familiar?
So now I have a bit of a dilemma.  I wasn't planning to run the 25k this year.  I won't run the 5k or 10k because I'm too much of a bling whore and those races don't have medals.  Now I feel obligated to run because they used my picture.  (Side note - let this be a lesson that anything you post online can be used, especially if you put it on Facebook.)

So what's a girl to do?  It sorta looks like this one is running the 2014 Fifth Third River Bank Run 25k, or maybe I'll do the 5k/25k combo.  Kinda throws off my plans to take the month of January off from running, doesn't it?

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