Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Training Tuesday: oh my aching butt!

55 miles this week and almost all of them on my bike in the basement.  I spent quite a bit of time trying out a new saddle this week and then more time on Saturday (after my 27 mile ride) back at the bike shop getting re-fitted for my bike.  I ended up with another new saddle plus the most expensive bike shorts I've ever purchased.  Hopefully this week's rides will start to be more comfortable.

I've been sick all week and my workouts have suffered.  I've continued to work on my planks, squats and push-ups but the cardio has really sucked.  I'd managed to get up to a 4 minute plank by Saturday, but Sunday I could only do 3 minutes.  The squats and push-ups are progressing.  I think I'm going to keep them going after the month's challenge is over, but with some rest days because my shoulders are absolutely pissed.

Monday 1/20/14 - BIKE 11.11 miles in 45 minutes (14.8 mph).

Tuesday 1/21/14 - Cross training (WALK) 3.61 miles in 1 hour. I tried to throw in some jogging but I couldn't run for even 20 seconds.  This workout sucked balls.

Wednesday 1/22/14 - BIKE 10.7 miles in 45 minutes (14.2 mph).  I wanted to get in at least an hour but I had no energy at all. I couldn't hit any of my cadence goals and I gave up after only 2 tabatas.

Thursday 1/23/14 - sick day.  I did nothing except my morning challenge work.

Friday 1/24/14 - Cross training (ARC) 1.46 miles in 35 minutes. Plus RUN!! I ran 1 whole mile in a very slow 10:54 on the indoor track. My heel felt pretty good but I finished with an achy achilles and feeling like all my running speed has left the building.

Saturday 1/25/14 - BIKE "long run" 27.2 miles in 2 hours (13.6 mph).  So slow but I got it done.  My ass was NOT happy, even with the new seat I'd been using.  Went to the bike shop in the afternoon and I have another seat to try for the next month, plus some other adjustments were made to my bike.

Sunday 1/26/14 - REST. I tried to do my morning challenge work and failed after a 3 minute plank. I didn't do the sides or my squats and push-ups. Spent the day on the couch with my computer.  Actually, not really.  In the afternoon I went out and ran 1/2 a mile around the neighborhood then played in the snow in my yard.

This week I need to add in some more running if I'm feeling healthier and my heel isn't too pissed off.  I have a nighttime 4.4 mile trail race on Saturday and I'm pretty sure I'm not going to be able to run the whole race, but maybe I can run some intervals.  I definitely need to wear gloves and find something to cover my face.  Just being out for 10 minutes on Sunday was freezing.

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