Friday, January 17, 2014

Fitness Friday: Themed Runs

My cousin tagged me in a post on FB this morning, asking if I'd heard of a bunch of themed runs.

Are you kidding?  Of course I have!  Here are just a few that I'd love to add to my list.  Themed runs are great if you want a fun atmosphere with no pressure for time.  In fact, a lot of themed runs, like the Color Run, aren't timed at all.

Neffmau5 Land 2
1.  Electric Run - as seen on The Bachelor this week! (Side note - I absolutely LOVE that Juan Pablo took a date on a 5k run.) Neon and a night time run with DJs.  Yes, please!

2.  The Color Run - while I'm not crazy about the thought of the color powder ending up in my eyes, nose and mouth, the end result just looks like a blast.  My girl really wants to do this one so I'm probably registering for the one here as soon as it opens.

3.  Warrior Dash - I loved the mud run I did a couple years ago and have been jonesing for another.  This one is 3-5 miles long and usually has around a dozen obstacles.  A cool medal.  A warrior helmet.  Plus, beer and turkey legs at the end.  Win-Win!

Have you done any of these runs?  What's been your favorite themed run?

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