Friday, October 24, 2014

Fitness Friday: what's next?

After coming off my awesome Detroit Marathon PR, it's hard to think about goal to chase next.

Do I work on increasing strength?  I'm notorious for not seeing lifting programs through to the end.

Do I focus on increasing speed at a shorter distance?  Perhaps that elusive sub-2 half?

Do I get back to focusing on getting my weight back down where it should be?  Because losing 10-15 pounds would really help with all these other ideas.

Or do I set my sights on another marathon?

I know I don't have to decide today, but this "not having a plan" plan really isn't working for me.  I've been on the scale more this week than I probably should be in a month.  

I do have one little race on my schedule for 2015 (although I won't register until after the new year).  This year, the Fifth Third River Bank Run 25k FINALLY revealed a new medal!  They put it up to a community vote and my choice won.  Isn't that one of the prettiest medals ever?!?  For a race that is the 25k National Championship and a huge draw for Michigan and the city of Grand Rapids, it was about time they showcased what GR has to offer on it's medal.  This one will definitely be hanging around my neck come May of 2015.  Anyone want to run it with me?

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