Thursday, October 9, 2014

#TTT Three Things Thursday: random thoughts

1.  I'm having a very hard focusing lately.  Chalk it up to taper crazies or just having too much going on in my life or sleeping like poop.  Speaking of poop - I think my stomach already thinks it's race day. Sorry, TMI and keeping it real.

2.  Saw a video on Facebook from the Detroit Marathon page this morning and had a mini freakout.  I can't get the video to post but you can watch it here. Then I went searching youtube for more course videos and I found this one.

It's long, like a marathon, but shows the entire course.

3.  I'm wearing heels today, because what else would someone with foot problems do 10 days before her goal marathon?

At least I look cute :)  Also - I really need to clean that mirror.

Happy Thursday, people!

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