Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Training Tuesday: Detroit Marathon T - 2 weeks!

I read a post yesterday on Women's Running written by one of my running/blog heroines, Dorothy Beal from Mile Posts.  In the post, she discussed how so many runners - pros and mere mortals alike - doubt their fitness during taper.  I was just discussing with one of my friends how 12 days now, I'm going to find out if I worked hard enough.  I'm notorious for questioning my abilities and doubting my ability to reach my goal, so seeing this post pop up in my Facebook feed on Monday was so timely.  You can read the entire post here.

Dorothy likened training for a marathon to banking.  She said, "The money is in the bank.  It's time to cash the check."  All of your workouts leading up to race day are deposits into your account and on race day, you get to withdraw all you've saved.  If you go nuts in the week or two leading up to your race and try to overtax the system with extra ATM deposits, you're going to find your ATM machine "out of service" for a couple weeks.  Not what you need.

I think I've done a pretty good job this time around "managing my money" (at least where marathon training is concerned - actual cash is an entirely different post).  I've run a ton of miles - easy, speed and long.  Strength trained more this time around than every before.  Cross trained.  It's almost time to cash that check.

I'm almost done writing these Training Tuesday updates.  Last week was my last "long" week before taper.  I finished my 5th 20 miler on Saturday and I'm hoping I worked out some of the kinks.  The money is in the bank, baby.  Just a few more small deposits and it's time to cash that check.

Monday 9-29-14 RUN 2.25 miles (11 m/m pace) then YOGA for 60 minutes. I actually ran TO yoga.  Who the eff am I???

Tuesday 9-30-14 BIKE 12 miles (15.6 mph) with squats and lunges every 3 miles.

Wednesday 10-1-14 RUN 7.25 miles of intervals (10:27 ave).

Thursday 10-2-14 WALK 2 miles of fresh air.

Friday 10-3-14 STRENGTH mostly stretching and rolling, some glute work.

Saturday 10-4-14 RUN 20 miles in 3:57:37 (11:52 pace).  3 bathroom stops killed my average pace, but I ended with 3 very fast miles to at least get in under 4 hours.

Sunday 10-5-14 RECOVER and REST

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