Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring Fling Weigh-in #2

Sisterhood Spring Fling Challenge

Starting Weight: 155.2
Last Week's Weight: 153.6
Today's Weight: 152.8
Loss this week: .8
Loss for Challenge: 2.4
  • I've had a half-way decent week this week. I'm disappointed in my .8 loss only because it was 1.8 down Saturday morning, but I ate my way through the weekend and ended up gaining it all back by Monday morning. I'm glad I've gotten it down to where it is now.
  • I've kept up with my c210k program and ran/walked my farthest distance ever on Monday: 6.3 miles! I did another 4.8 miles today and I am feeling very injured at the moment, so that is discouraging. I hate that I'm making huge gains in my endurance, only to have a friggin' pulled inner thigh muscle sideline me. ARRGG.
  • I've been shredding every day and I'm moving to level 2 tomorrow morning. It was those damn side lunges that pulled my muscle, so I'm glad to say Adios! to those for a while. I'm sure Jillian will find something else to torture me with, though.
On a totally personal note: It has also been a stressful week for my family. My dad's partner (yes, you read that right-it's what you think) is in the hospital with pancreatitis, gall bladder issues and pulmonary embolisms (clots) and is not doing well. Dad's frustrated and scared and I'm frustrated and scared for him. The doctors can't operate on the gall bladder with the lung issues and the pain from the pancreatitis isn't well controlled. They can't fully diagnose the gall bladder problem without an MRI and he won't fit in the standard machine because he is so overweight, plus his stomach is very distended from multiple hernias. They've been told he would not survive any surgery right now anyway. Either he'd die from the pulmonary embolism or bleed out from the blood thinners they are using to try and shrink the clots in his lungs. Dad lost my mom to cancer after 15 years of marriage and now he's facing that possiblity again. I can't do anything living 1 1/2 hours away and I'm trying to not worry my own kids. I feel totally helpless. It sucks. Prayers would be great if you are the praying type. Thank you.


  1. Hooray for 0.8! You and me both, sister! I wasn't very impressed mine wasn't more, too, but I had to work off my bad behaviour from LAST weekend when I was visiting my parents for a few days. Sounds like we're both kinda lucky to be able to report a loss!!

    I just so happen to be the praying type and I will DEFINITELY uphold you in my prayers. We're going through kind of a similar thing ourselves at our house ~ both my mom and my mother-in-law have just had or will be having surgery (MIL's is cancer-related) and we live 6 hours away. It's so very helpless feeling, isn't it? But nothing is a surprise to God, nor is there anything that's beyond His capabilities.

  2. Congratulations on your loss... it might not be a gazillion pound loss (wouldn't we be SKINNY if we could pull *that* off?) but it's still a loss and it's still something to be proud of.

    I am very sorry about your dad's partner. That is so terrifying... it's even worse when it is someone you love and you can't do anything for them. I'll be thinking about him (and you) and yours and keeping you all in my positive thoughts.

  3. you are doing incredible with your exercise! :) sometimes the weight loss isn't what we want it to be but you have proof (in your mileage) that you are healthier now then you have been.

    your family certainly has my prayers in this difficult time :(

  4. great job on the loss Bari! Keeping your dad and his partner in my thoughts and prayers, hopefully something will come to light and progress can be made on one of his illnesses.

    Hugs friend...keep your head up! We are 1/3 of the way thru the Shred! EEEK!

  5. A loss is a loss and during stressful times it is an even bigger deal. I will pray for you and your family while ya'll go through this. Cancer SUCKS so bad!!
    You are doing awmazing with all your shredding!! So proud of you!!


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