Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring-Fling Weigh-In #5

Sisterhood Spring Fling Challenge

Challenge Starting Weight: 155.2

Last Week's Weight: 150.4

This Week's Weight: 150.8

Gain This Week: +.4

Loss for Challenge: 4.4

Total Pounds GONE: 15.0

  • So I gained back the .4 I lost last week. Suck. Not a huge surprise since I know what I did and didn't do. It sucks just the same.
  • I did complete the 30 day Shred challenge and you can read about it and see my before/after pictures here.
  • My step dad is not doing well at all and than has me very stressed out. He had a procedure on Monday to put a stent in his liver duct. He was doing better on Monday but then all hell broke loose on Tuesday. His liver enzymes were climbing, as was his white cell count. He had a horrible reaction to his pain meds (morphine plus something else) than made him hallucinate and combative. This totally freaked out my dad. This morning they rushed him back in to surgery to have the stent revised (it was totally blocked). He also has a massive infection now and his kidneys are not working properly. He finally urinated around 7 tonight. I honestly don't know how long his body is going to be able to tolerate all this. Continued prayers are much appreciated.
  • To top everything else off, I think I screwed up my lower back working out yesterday. It has been in spasm since I woke up this morning, like a giant menstrual cramp wrapping around from my back to my belly that won't go away. Stupidly I shredded again this morning thinking I needed to just work it out, but that only made it worse. I need to run tomorrow but I won't be able to if it still feels like this. Double suck.
  • Debbie Downer is going to sign off now. I hope everyone else had positive, successful weeks.

I love you guys,



  1. Sorry to read about your step dad and your back. Don't sweat that wee little gain especially with the week you had. Congrats on the shred challenge, love your before n after pics!

  2. Take a deep breath. Life is getting you down. Take care of yourself and you WILL reverse that gain for next week.

    You can do this.

  3. ((((((bari)))))) i'm so sorry you've had a lousy week. you certainly have my prayers right now. better to take a few days off, rather than risking injuring yourself further.

  4. that extra weight will be off in no time! keeping your stepdad in my prayers.


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