Tuesday, March 9, 2010

True Confessions Tuesday

True Confessions

Today is going to be brief. I ate pizza on Saturday. A Lot of pizza. 1/2 of a medium Papa John's Garden Fresh Vegetarian Pizza. Now for the excuses (I mean reasons):

I was with my daughter's gymnastics team at a hotel in Northern Indiana.
It was really late (like 8 pm) and I was starving.
I figured since I shredded and did a wii workout in the morning before we drove down, then walked around an outlet mall shopping for 2 hours, and then did my 1 hour run/walk when we got to the hotel, that I'd be ok with eating anything I wanted since I burned about 1000 calories during the day. Apparently not.
I was still within my calories for the day after factoring in the exercise earnings but I felt like total shit and could not get to sleep because of the heartburn.
I did not drink enough water this weekend, but I also stayed away from the beer and wine that some of the parents were sharing around the pool while the kids swam.
I also ate hospital cafeteria food Sunday night while visiting a friend of the family (grilled chicken caesar wrap without dressing and a handful of potato chips).

Why was this a problem? I weighed myself before we left on Saturday and I had lost 2 lbs since Wednesday-Yeah Me!. Then I weighed myself Monday morning and I had gained the 2 lbs back. Boo Hiss.

On the positive side, I did have my longest ever (distance and time) run/walk on Monday. I went 6.35 miles in 77 minutes. My legs feel like crap today.

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  1. i read "Garden Fresh Vegetarian" and applauded your restraint! :P

    woot!! for your 6 miler great job.


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