Friday, August 3, 2012

Fitness Friday: HOT, poorly planned brick

Today was supposed to be a rest day in prep for back-to-back brick days this weekend. (Can I be happy that tri taper starts Monday????). Sadly, tomorrow I need to drive up to Central Michigan University (Fire Up Chips!) to pick up the wondertwins from band camp. This meant a change in the plan. I had a my annual physical this morning (suckage on the weight gain this year but Go Me on the 100/60 blood pressure) so I didn't get to start my swim/bike brick until after 11 when I finally got home after a stop at the lab. It was almost 90* by then. Thank God today wasn't a bike/run brick!
I set up "transition" next to my girlfriend's pool.

The only thing I might need to add would be my compression sleeves, plus I didn't bring my run stuff (basically just a hat). I was not well fueled or hydrated to begin with, plus had blood drawn at the doctor. I felt fine on the 20 minute swim but this resulted in a massive headache by about mile 8 on my ride. Suck. I've been camped out & dozing on the couch ever since, not eating until almost 3pm. Oops. Lunch was pretty good though once I finally ate something.

Am I the only person who prefers honey on her peanut butter? What is your favorite PB topping?

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