Friday, August 10, 2012

Fitness Friday: @trammisms ?: My Favorite Gear!

Back when I was had my 3rd bloggiversary post and requested questions, Sara at Domestically Challenged asked what some of my favorite running gear, clothes and accessories are (and since she's a teacher she'll probably correct my horrible grammar on that sentence). It's the eve of my first triathlon so I figured now was as good a time as any to answer her question :)

I'll start with some of my favorite running clothes:  
I pretty much live in the long bra tops from Nike.  I like them really tight to smush down the girls which means my daughter and I wear the same size (which is completely crazy, but whatever).  My favorite bra
is from Under Armor and they are really hard to find in colors other than white.  This hot pink one is AWESOME but really old.  As for bottoms, I'm also a big fan of Nike's long shorts and their capris.

I had the hardest time finding tri gear that didn't make me feel like a total cow.  I like my running clothes tight, but these things take tight to an entirely new level.  (For reference, my Nike gear is all a size small and my tri gear is either medium or large.) After trying on about 30 different things, this outfit from Pearl Izumi has become one of my favorite running outfits as well.  Even thought the shorts are shorter than I normally wear, the grippies shut up, it's totally a word at the bottom keep them from riding up.  Plus, the bottoms are lower cut in the front which is really awesome and super comfy. (This is what I'll be sporting at my tri tomorrow!) I need to check their website for running-specific clothes since I'd love some more shorts without the chamois liner inside. 
Shoes! I can't talk about running gear without giving a shout-out to my Asics GT-2170's :)  I've worn this model of shoes for several years now.  I thought about trying to switch to a lighter, more minimalist shoe after my whole stress fracture/reaction mess but every doctor and running store I talked to said not until I'm 100% healed.  They said stick with these, so that's what I'm doing.
Here are just a few of the accessories I can't live without:
Zensah compression sleeves, a hat (I have several), race number belt (this one is from One More Mile and is actually my daughter's but I love the WTF), my Garmin Forerunner 205, Body Glide, Nuun, Shot Bloks, RoadID (you can get one by clicking that link over there --->) and a great pair of running sunglasses.
Last but not least, some of my favorite accessories/clothing items EVER are my Team Sparkle skirts. Every major race I've done since my marathon last year has been run in a sparkle skirt (Grand Rapids Marathon, Tinkerbell Half, Knoxville Half, Down and Dirty Mud Run).  I've worn other skirts before, but I get so many compliments every time I wear a sparkle skirt and on those rare occasions when I chick a guy, I think, "yeah, you just got passed by a girl in a skirt!".  The blue one will be making it's debut at the Disney Wine and Dine Half in November - I can't wait to show you all my outfit for that race. It's going to be so fun!

I'm undecided whether I'll wear a sparkle skirt tomorrow for the tri.  How about you all vote.  Should I wear the lime green skirt for the bike and run?  (I haven't done any biking in it, but at this point with the rain in the forecast it might actually brighten the day).  

Leave a comment - yes or no - should I sparkle at tomorrow's tri?

Disclaimer - all opinions are mine and so is the gear - I just love this stuff, no one paid me to talk about it :)

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