Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Wine and Dine Half Training: Week 1

Last week I asked what you all thought of the training recaps each week and the overwhelming response was to keep them, so here we are with week 1 of my training for Disney's Wine and Dine Half Marathon.  The race is November 10, 2012. Wine and Dine will be my 2nd Disney race and my first night-time race.  SQUEEE!!! I have some lofty goals in the back of my mind for this one, but coming off injury (and my running and my race weight not getting back to where I think they need to be fast enough) the primary goal will be to cross the finish line in the upright position and get 2 medals hung around my neck.  When I finish, I'll also have earned the 2012 Coast to Coast Medal since I ran the Tinkerbell Half back in January out at Disneyland :)  The chance at double bling will keep my feet moving for 13.1 miles.  Worst case? I crawl.

When I started looking at a training plan for this race, I really thought I would use the half plan from Run Less Run Faster, but the first long run is 10 miles and I knew that wasn't going to happen.  So, I'm still following a 3 run per week (tempo, yasso 800s (speed work), long slow run) plan for this race, but it's scaled back quite a bit.  I'm also still toying with the idea of another triathlon before summer is over, so some biking and swimming are thrown in the mix as well.  The plan just isn't nearly as detailed as my tri plan was and I have no clue when/how I'll fit in any bricks before the tri since I don't want to give up any long runs.

So let's see how week 1 played out.

Monday 8/13/12 - Plan XT - Completed Run 2 miles in 20:57.  Calves and ankles were really stiff from the tri but loosened up a little on the run.

Tuesday 8/14/12 - Plan Run 2 miles tempo - Completed XT Bike 12.69 miles in 55:15.

Wednesday 8/15/12 - Plan XT - Happy Birthday to Me! Completed 2x800 at 4:30 pace with 4:30 recovery. With warm up and cool down I ended up with 3 miles in 32ish minuts.

Thursday 8/16/12 - Plan 2x800 at 4:30 pace with 4:30 recovery - Completed XT Swim 1000 yds in 46:40.

Friday 8/17/12 - Plan OFF - Completed OFF

Saturday 8/18/12 - Plan Long Run 4 miles - Completed 4.33 mile run in 49:36 with negative splits. WOOT!

Sunday 8/19/12 - Plan XT - Completed 30 min abs and arms workout.

Basically this week was the trial week to see how things fit.  Obviously, Tues/Thurs runs did not work out and will continue to not work because of my girl's diving schedule - so there will be some tweaking to the plan in the coming weeks.  So long as I get in the 3 quality runs each week, I'll be good.  I'm happy that I got in all of my workouts, even if my legs are a little pissed at me.  Running 4 miles without stopping on Saturday was a huge confidence boost, too, since that was the longest run I've done without walking since getting injured.  Let's just hope the trend continues.

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