Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Wine and Dine Half Training: Week 2

This week represents my last week of summer before school is back in session.  Today is my first day back and the kids all go back next Tuesday.  Training is going "ok".  I'm definitely feeling the effects of my increased mileage, with my left shin acting up.  I saw my sports chiro on Thursday and he still feels a lot of the issues are stemming from my left big toe (crazy that a jammed up toe joint would result in so many issues, but whatever).

Here's how the week played out (I'm not going to show plan/actual since I don't really have a "plan" at this point:

Monday 8/20/12 - XT - Biked 20 miles in 1:25.  Averaged around 14 mph which was great because I had so many stops and route issues.

Tuesday 8/21/12 - Tempo - managed to maintain 10 m/m pace for 1.5 miles :)  Total 3.1 in 33:43.

Wednesday 8/22/12 - XT - completed a NTC 30 minute strength workout.

Thursday 8/23/12 - Yasso 800s - 2x800 at approx 9 m/m pace. Total 3.1 in 31:32.  Then did an OWS that was a disaster. Swam for 30 minutes, somewhere around 1/2 a mile.

Friday 8/24/12 - Rest day

Saturday 8/25/12 - Long Run 5 miles - Kept it very slow and easy. 1:00:39 (12:07 pace). Trying to be ok with the really slow pace.  I wish I could say the slow pace kept me from feeling sore, but it didn't.  I spent most of the day stretching and icing.  I even had soreness in my right knee and I NEVER have knee issues.  This concerns me.

Sunday 8/26/12 - XT - walked 3.1 miles in 52 minutes, then 25 minutes of stretching and abs.

It was a pretty good week - I managed to get in all my workouts, but I'm fighting the injured feeling and that frustrates me greatly.  Hopefully the next week will go better, but with school starting up, getting the workouts in will be the hard part.  Do I start working out at 5 am?  Ugh.

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