Friday, August 24, 2012

Fitness Friday: Tough Decisions

I believe in previous posts I alluded to the fact that I wanted to complete one more triathlon this season.  Being in Michigan, the tri season is relatively short - basically June to mid September and my first tri was mid August.  As far as first triathlons go, it went very well.  I'm still recovering from that ?@!#?$%)* stress fracture/reaction and my running has really not been where I'd like it to be - pace wise or pain/ease wise.  I had it in my heart to compete in the Reeds Lake Triathlon on Sept. 8th but in all honesty, I'm not ready.  I won't BE ready in 2 weeks.  I have it on good authority from several friends who have raced it before that this is NOT a beginner tri.  The course is much hiller than Millennium, not to mention longer.

If you are friends with me on twitter or daily mile, you might know I had a rough swim yesterday.  At this point, the swim was the one discipline I really felt comfortable with, but Thursday's OWS in a different lake and in a wet suit shook me up a bit.  To be clear, that isn't the only reason I've decided (85% sure) that I will NOT be competing at Reeds Lake this year.  I just know deep down that I'm not ready.  I know that I could do serious damage - both physically and mentally - if that race does not go well.  (It actually has some pretty scary minimum times - ones I'm barely hitting in all disciplines - so there's a strong chance I may not be able to even finish.)  BUT...I've never considered myself to be a quitter.  Having a DNS for the 5/3 River Bank Run this year SUCKED OUT LOUD - but I was in a boot and there was absolutely NO WAY I could have run 15.5 miles. I couldn't have even walked the 5k. The DNS was decided for me. I probably could do Reeds Lake, but I might end up even more injured if I try. My shin has been hurting quite a bit with the ramping up in my running since finishing the tri.  I'm working HARD to get my base back and it's literally kicking my ass (and pissing off my leg). After many long discussions with a few of my friends (and you know who you are - thank you for looking out for me and being willing to tell me the shit that I don't really want to hear but need to hear for my own good), I know that this race is a bad idea. I need to be smart.

Sometimes being smart is admitting you aren't ready.

My priorities have changed. I LOVED training for Millennium.  I would have never guessed that I would end up liking biking and swimming so much and the challenge of the "threesome" (as my van now says) was right up there with distance running.  But for the next few months I need to be a runner.  I 100% MUST be healthy and finish Disney's Wine and Dine in November. Failure is not an option. It's already paid for and it wasn't cheap. Plus, that race is where my heart really is right now.  I'm looking at a few running races between now and then to use as tune-ups or training runs, but I probably won't decide to actually do them until the day before and that's ok.  (With the exception of the Grand Rapids Marathon Relay, which I'm already registered for and REALLY excited to do.  It will be my first relay and I can't wait to tell about the experience later.)

This post may sound a little Debbie Downer, but it really isn't meant to.  I had a rough day yesterday.  I won't deny that I shed more than a few tears (ok, I cried a lot), but I'm ok with it.  I'm running smart.  I WILL do more triathlons next season.  I'm hoping to get a bike trainer, new shoes and clipless pedals this winter so I can keep improving my biking and I'll continue to swim for cross training, too.  But for right now, I am focusing on getting healthy and running the best race I can in November.

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