Friday, December 21, 2012

My Christmas Survey

I saw this last Thursday on Tina's blog and decided it would be fun to play along.

1.  Favorite Christmas Album/CD/Song:  I actually have a few.  As for a traditional Christmas hymn, O Holy Night is my all-time favorite.  Instrumental? Sleigh Ride. Love the trumpet horse whinny.  For something fun, I LOVE the 12 Days of Christmas sung by Straight No Chaser.  Really, any of their Christmas songs rock.  Even the kids request them.

2.  Run on Christmas morning or take the day off? I probably won't run Christmas morning since we're traveling that day, but hopefully I'll get a few miles in on Christmas Eve.  If I don't run Christmas Eve and the weather cooperates, I'll head outside and run before we leave.

3.  What do you usually eat on Christmas morning? We don't have a traditional Christmas breakfast.  My son will probably want to make pancakes though and the girl will want hash browns.

4.  Favorite holiday or Christmas tradition?  I would say my favorite holiday tradition is getting ornaments throughout the year during my travels and then decorating the tree.  When I was growing up, my favorite tradition was to go to the 11pm candlelight service at our church and ring in Christmas at midnight.

5.  Real tree, fake tree, or no tree? Real tree. Always a Fraser Fir. Always from the same place. No tinsel (we have a cat who would eat it). Only ornaments and lights with an angel on top.  The angel and tree skirt were made by M's mom years ago.

6.  Christmas pajamas, yay or nay? We don't do the Christmas PJ tradition.  I think if I'd started it when the kids were little it would've kept going, but we all just like to sleep in our usual stuff.

7.  Where do you spend the holidays? It depends on who is hosting :)  We host often because we have the space. Otherwise, some years we go to my sister's and sometimes to M's mom's or his brother's house.

8.  Food that you always have during the holiday season/favorite Christmas treat? My girl would say lefse, but I'm not picky.  Again, the food depends on who is hosting. One of the teachers I work with always brings in candy her mom makes.  That's pretty awesome. I might have eaten 3 yesterday.

9.  Open presents all at once or take turns? If I had my way, we'd take turns. I want to see what people get.  That being said, every year it turns into a free-for-all. I'm out-voted EVERY. FREAKING. YEAR.  When we are at my sister's house, the ceiling fan will be on and everyone will shoot their wrapping paper into the fan.

10. Favorite Christmas(ish) movie?  Is it bad to say I don't really have one?  If I had to pick, I'd say Charlie Brown Christmas.

Your turn!  Pick one of the questions to answer in the comments or feel free to steal the whole post - just make sure to come up with your own answers :)  Let me know if you write a post so I can read it!

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