Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Training Tuesday: Burnout & Boredom

As I was reading through all the great comments on my post yesterday addressing how we can turn demotivators or negative motivators into positive ones, I noticed a resounding theme.

Many of you are facing burnout and boredom with your workouts - whether running, walking, or whatever.  Luckily, I think this is one of the easiest demotivators to fix.

You need to shake things up!  If you are in the middle of training for a race, I know this can be difficult because you have prescribed training runs to hit.  Nobody says you have to do them on the same days every week though.  Maybe run your usual routes backwards or find some new running partners to train with.  Switch up your days a little.  Usually do your tempo runs on Monday and your speedwork on Wednesday? Flip them.

Since I'm not really training for a race right now, I'm mixing things up a bit. (There is a 10k I'm looking at in January, but other than that I don't have anything "big" planned until May.)  I work best with a schedule, which is why I'm still planning my workouts.

This is my training "plan" for the next 6-7 weeks.  What days I do each workout may vary week to week, but this is what I'm trying to hit.

Monday: 45-60 min of cardio - this will probably be a run, but could easily be a spin class, aerobics class, or a swim (granted, I'd die if I tried to swim for an hour, but that's a different story).  Last week I ran 4.25 miles on a glorious spring day in December and threw in a 15 min abs workout.

Tuesday: 30 min leg workout/30 min cardio - I have a leg workout I'm trying that's hopefully going to get my running muscles stronger and then I'll follow it with some form of cardio - again, could be a run, elliptical, swim, bike, whatever.  I also have PT on Tuesdays, so it sorta fits.  Last week, I only went to PT.

Wednesday: 30 min arm workout/30 min cardio - I'm trying to work on getting my shoulders and sexy arms back. Again, will follow with something cardio-ish.  Last week I did the arm workout and it was SO HARD, then I went out and busted out the fastest 3.3 miles I've done in forever. Shows you never know what you can do when you're tired.

Thursday: 45-60 min cardio - Similar to the plan for Monday. Last week I went to a 45 min spin class (holy sweat-fest, Batman!) and then did 30 min of Pilates (yep - proved I'm a runner - you can guess how).

Friday: 30 min legs/30 min cardio again.  Last week I swam for 30 min and then because my girl got done with her sport early, did my 30 min leg workout at home.  Better than nothing, I suppose.

Saturday: 75-90 min run.  I still want to shoot for getting in a 6-8 mile long run each weekend to keep my endurance up.  This week was different for a couple reasons.  I ended up doing a bike/run brick.  42 min on the trainer inside and then 28 min run outside in the snow.

Sunday: OFF (I figure I deserve at least 1 rest day each week).

This plan is a mix of plans - some workouts I've gotten from friends and part of the workouts from the Train Like a Mother 10k Own It Plan.  I'd love to PR that 10k in January, but knowing it's going to be January and could be in a blizzard, I'm not placing any bets.  By Feb/March, I'll be ready to hit a more formal 1/2 marathon plan for the Bayshore Half.

What do you do to mix up your workouts and stave off the burnout and boredom?

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